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Elite A/AA Tournament Rules

The official rules of Ringette Canada apply.

A maximum 7 goal differential will be recognized

Teams must be ready to be on the ice 10 minutes prior to the scheduled
game time. Teams not iced within 2 minutes of the referee’s whistle being
blown to start the game will forfeit the game. The game, however, will be
played as an exhibition game. The tournament coordinators will advise
teams if they are required to be on the ice before the scheduled game time.

Score sheets are to be signed at least 30 minutes prior to game time. Home
and Visitors are designated in the draw. In the playoff round, the team of
highest standing shall be the home team. In the event that these teams are
equal in the standings, a coin toss will be used to determine the home team.
This will occur 30 minutes before game time. After each game, the refs will
give each team their copy of the game sheet and the white copy must be
returned to the tournament registration table. In the case of color conflict, the
visiting team will be required to change uniforms.

Timekeepers, Scorekeepers and Shot Clock Operators will be provided for all

Games will consist of two 20 minute stop time periods for U19A;
and four 10 minute stop time periods for U16AA and Open.

There will be a 2 minute break between periods.

Each team is entitled to one 30 second timeout per game. Each team is
entitled to one additional 30 second timeout in overtime play (cross over and
final games).

All games will declare a winner. If the game is tied at the end of regulation
time in any game, the teams will play an additional 5 minute sudden victory period.
Ring possession will be decided by a toss of the coin with the visiting
team calling. The other team will get their choice of ends. In the event that the
game is still tied after the sudden victory period, a shoot-out will decide the

The shoot-out will consist of 3 players from each team shooting alternately on
the opposing goalie. All 3 players will shoot from each team. If it is still tied
after 3 shooters from each team have shot, teams will continue one shooter
at a time until a winner is determined. No shooter may shoot again until all
players have shot. A winner is declared when one team scores and the other
does not, in sudden victory format.
One goal will be added to the winner’s score after the tie is broken by the
shootout. Shootout goals will not count on the scoresheet.

No more than 5 bench personnel, one of whom must be an adult female, in
accordance with Ringette Canada policy, will be allowed on the bench at one

Good sportsmanship will be stressed throughout the tournament.

Any individual assessed a Misconduct penalty during the tournament will be
ejected from the remainder of that game and will be required to serve an
additional 1 game suspension. Should an individual be assessed a Match
penalty during the tournament, he/she will be ejected from that game and
will be required to serve an additional 1 game suspension.  The disciplinary
committee will review the incident and the player may be required to serve
additional games based on the severity of the action that caused the penalty.

All players, coaches, and bench staff must be registered with their provincial
governing body in order to participate.

No game protests will be accepted. The decision of the referee and/or the
Tournament Committee shall be final.

Overage players will not be allowed unless approved by the Tournament
Committee. The Tournament committee will only consider overage players
where they have been registered on their team since the start of the playing

All player pick-ups must be approved by the Tournament Committee prior to
the tournament. The use of ineligible players will result in forfeiture of the
game. An ineligible player is considered one not on the original provincial
roster and/or one from an equal or higher Division than being played, without
Tournament Committee approval. Players can only be picked up from the
Division below or from the same age group but a classification lower. A player
may only play on one team during the weekend of the tournament.

The following are examples of accepted player pull ups:

  • U16AA can draw from U16A, U16B & U14 AA|
  • U19A can draw from U16A & U16B
  • U19AA can draw from U19A & U19B or U16AA
  • Open can draw from any other Open team (equal or lower classification)

On ice team pictures can be taken after bronze and gold medal games if
time permits.
 Points Structure and Tie Breaking Procedures
Teams receive five (5) points for a win and zero (0) for a loss - except when a
game goes into OVERTIME. All games will be played until a winner is declared,
according to the game procedure above. If regulation time ends in a tie, the
winning team will receive three (3) points and the losing team will receive two
(2) points.

A running total of goal differential will be kept for the winning teams, to be
used in the event of a tie-break in the standings. (For example, if the final
score is 5-3, then 2 goals will be added to the winning team’s running total).

The team with the most POINTS (win/loss) in each division, will be declared
the top team in that division. In the case of a tie in POINTS, the tied team with
the highest number in running total of goal differential, will be declared the
higher placed team. (For example, 2 or more teams have 3 wins or 15 points.
The team with the highest running total of goal differential will be declared to
be in the highest placement. The second highest goal differential total of the
tied teams, will be declared the next highest placement, and so on, within the
tied teams). 

If tied teams have the same running total of goal differential, the following tie-
breaking procedure will be used:
1. The winner of more games between each (head-to-head) during the
round robin will be declared the highest position.
2. If still tied, the tied team with the least total goals against in all games
during the round robin will be declared the highest position.
3. If still tied, a coin toss will be used to break the tie.